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This week, we launch a new feature titled Man About Town, in which we profile stylish, prolific and remarkable men in Montreal who have proven themselves to be movers and shakers of the fashion, media or event industries.

Who better to kick off this new feature than model, voice-over artist, and television personality Pierre-Olivier Beaudoin? Hailing from nearby Repentigny, the 27-year-old has traveled the world as a model, lived in major cities around the world, and already proven himself to an up-and-coming media figure. Did we mention he’s moving to L.A. in January 2014 to become a media correspondent for all things Hollywood?

This man is on fire!

MFB: Let’s start from the beginning. Where did you study?

PO: I have my DECC in Performing Arts from Collège St. Laurent, and I’ve also studied at the media presenting school Promédia here in Montréal.

MFB: What does style mean to you?

PO: To me, it’s quite simple. You can purchase fashion, but style is something you already have. I shop at second-hand stores, Salvation Army, it doesn’t have to be expensive to be nice!

MFB: What makes Montréal a stylish city?

PO: For starters, there is so much talent in this city. So many amazing local designers here. There’s no judgement; people are open-minded in regards to fashion.

MFB: Speaking of designers, who are your favorites?

PO: Locally, I love Philippe Dubuc. His military, dark styles really suit my look sometimes, and it helps that he’s a great guy. Internationally, I love D-Squared and the now-defunct D&G brand from Dolce & Gabanna. I also like to keep my eye on Japanese fashion and culture – I find they’re always a step ahead, they always have something avant-garde and innovative up their sleeves.

MFB: Do you have a ‘style icon?’ Someone you look to for fashion cues?

PO: Not really … I just like to change up my style as much as I can. I like to ‘transform’ myself. Some might call it bipolar … It’s just my style!

MFB: What are you most proud of from your career thus far?

PO: I’m proud that I left home at 16 to travel for modeling. I had a great family, great friends to support me from a young age. Shooting with Bruce Weber for Abercrombie & Fitch was a highlight, and I loved working in Asia. I’m also proud to be someone who’s always had an opinion, I’ve always had something to say. I cancelled my trip to Milan for modeling in order to attend Promédia, as I felt it was more important to focus on my television career than modeling at that point in my life.

MFB: Is there any fashion advice that you would share for the guys out there?

PO: I saw someone wearing a white seashell necklace recently… I wanted to rip it off his neck. That’s a definite faux-pas. Also, flared jeans are definitely to be avoided. Otherwise, keep it simple – solid basics with one or two accessories, but don’t over-do it. A real ‘masculine’ look is simple, uncomplicated.

MFB: Good advice. Tell us – what’s next for you?

PO: I’m moving to L.A. in January to work for a media outlet, covering Hollywood from a Québécois perspective. Movies, television, and Québécois who are making their mark down there. I will be the on-air media correspondent; I can’t wait! I’m also very interested in the ‘underground’ scene down there … It’s not always about the mainstream culture, there are some amazing independent films and productions that I want to share with the world. Look for me on your TV screen soon!


Where can you catch Pierre-Olivier?

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-New site launching soon: thepolaroid.tv!

Stay tuned for more profiles of Montreal movers and shakers – to suggest a Montréal fashionisto to be profiled on the Montreal Fashion Blog, tweet me!

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Last Monday, in Paris Fashion Week, Montrealer Rachel MacKnight was walking down the runway of Saint-Laurent. The Dulcedo model wasn’t the first to walk for a renowned brand. And most certainly not the last. In the two last years that I have been part of the fashion industry, I only heard positive words about the well-established model agency and when I worked with them for the event Haute Culture we organized last May, not only I had a wonderful experience but I was conquered by the humble and supportive team behind the well-respected agency. When I learned they were only five years old, I was quite impressed.

Five years of dedication and hard work lead to a celebratory party last night, at Cavalli’s. ” It started by a discussion between friends.” Told me Karim Leduc, executif director of the agency. ” It was a crazy road to take but I guess hard work pays off” he added. I couldn’t agree more. Around us, partygoers and socialites were having alive discussions, and I couldn’t help but feel a warm vibe as the sounds of chuckles and toasts were flowing in the air. ” They all are people we care about and who support us. You have no idea how happy we are to have you all with us tonight”.

Crédit Photo : Josée Lecompte