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I’m not sure how we started the subject.

It was last week – sometimes between a very well-spent afternoon with Garance Doré and FMD Collections‘ cocktail.  While Garance was resting in her hotel on rue de la montagne, I sneaked out for two hours to attend Martin Rondeau‘s newest exhibition – Confessions– at Galerie Leroyer ( I was soo much looking forward to it, I like Martin’s approach in fashion photography and art. He’s known for expressing existential themes through image layering – a mix that creates a sweet impression of confusion, sensuality and – dare I say it – strength). Anyway –  I was at the gallery’s ground floor, wandering somewhere between the musicians and hiding from my ex (what was he doing there?) when I bumped into a PR girl, Duygu, I absolutely adore!

I’m not really sure how we started the subject, but the conversation went from catching-up to deep inspirational talk about ambition, health, leadership and… waking-up at 5 am. Duygu have read that many grand leaders and successful person wake up super early in the morning ( I think we read the same article) and when you think about it, it makes sense. Think of yourself waking up early, taking the time to have your coffee, read, or heck, even watch a movie ( I LOVE watching movies in the morning before going to work. So unconventional but hold on, we’ll get to that!)  VS waking-up at the very last-minute, not have a single minute to breath, rush on getting dressed, grab your bag and go catch your bus. The two scenario both have super important impacts  and yet, most people pick the second one. Looks like they rather arrive gasping for breath at the office (or school), than rested and ready to kick ass and rock their day away. And to be honest with you, I used to be exactly like that (except that I used to run on high-heels). So with Duygu, we decided to follow Robin Sharma‘s rule of 20/20/20 for 66 days. 20 min of exercise, 20 min of setting your goals of the day and 20 min of reading or watching something that inspires you. And here’s why I accepted her challenge to wake-up at 5 am and why you should accept it too:

There is no such thing as routine, unless you make one. And a routine is waking-up, go to work, come back home super tired, cook or order, then eat… and hell, how did the day go SO fast? Next thing you’ll know, you’ll wonder the same thing about the week, then the months, then the years… Taking extra hours in the morning will allow you to spend the time between you and.. well, yourself. You become self-aware of time, of your ambitions, of what you want to do, of learning (because sometimes we just forget to learn), of what you want to do, of who you want to become, and how to make it happen. A lot of people are scared from self-awareness because it’s that fatalistic moment when you face yourself, and decide whether you’re in peace with yourself or not. Avoiding yourself is only a matter of loosing more time because at the end of the day, you’re the only one you can’t avoid. Now you need to stop me, I can go on Self-awareness for hours.

1- The Best Caffeine you can get…

Go for a morning run, or a walk. Do your Yoga or Pilates. Meditate, train your body to be as strong as your mind. I always complained that I have no time to train. I usually go after work, but after a draining day at work, I’m left without any energy. To motivate myself, I sleep with my sportswear gear . All I have to do when waking-up is… exercise.

2- Make a List

Set up your goals for the day, or your to-do list. Be pro-active, you’ll see, the day will go smoother and you won’t feel you left anything out.

3- Entertain yourself

Read, watch a movie, or a TV show while drinking your tea, coffee or smoothie – and pulling out your outfit for the day. It’s my favourite morning moment. My mind is rested, my body is energized, and I just enjoy myself. I get ready with FRIENDS in the background.

So! Are you in to join the club of 5am-ers? Let’s try it for 66 days and see how it improves our lives! Après tout, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Join the movement, challenge your life, post a photo of your morning moment and use the hashtag #Wakeupat5! You never know… you may enter a very special give-away!

Hello, gents!

Yes, it may be August 1st, but that doesn’t mean summer is even close to over! The two summer essentials  I love are undoubtedly shades ans timepieces. I find it adds a great finish to any outfit or style. I’ve discovered a new brand that covers both these departments in a very, very cool way. If you don’t know Komono, perhaps you should.

Young, fresh, and timeless. (No pun intended.) For your shopping pleasure, Komono is available at the following retail locations in Montreal:

Boutique l’Éditeur
Boutique 363
Maison Simons
You can also shop online: wearekomono.com

What are your summer style essentials? Share with me in the comment section below.

Fashionably yours,


P.S. Special shoutout to the ladies at Delacruz PR – love you guys!