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This post is part of our new segment ”How I Wore It”, a capsule where we’d like to share with you our take on how to style accessories, pieces, new collections along with new seasons & trends. This segment doesn’t aim necessarily to show you how to be fashionable (Goosh, we’re not that corrupted… yet), but rather give you ideas on how to step up your style while being right on-trend (Plus, force ourselves to dress better!)

Aaah New York, How much I love thee!

It took me a while to get over my trip at New York Fashion Week, mainly because it was very different this time. For once, I was walking in the city without feeling like an outsider, or a visitor, but rather like a true New-Yorker. I got used the city so fast and so well – I developed a Bradshaw-esque routine where writing during the day and partying with the finest NYCies until dawn were in order. AND I closed deals for my blog (That’s another story, I’ll tell you about it in another post). So If I had to do a recap – it would go like this: I met Tiffany’s Design director Francesca Amfitheatroff, Shook Miroslava Duma‘s hand, visited many showrooms, went to trendy restaurants with inspiring friends, partied until 8:00 am (Boom Boom Room is insane!), danced with Diana Vreeland‘s grand daughter, fed myself with Starbuck’s Caramel Machiatto and my culinary chef roommate’s succulent vegan food, had late-night conversations on rooftops, texted through Steve Madden’s phone and… oh, so much more fun memories! Bonheur…

Yeah…It was hard to come back, I felt like leaving a wonderful life behind, but also a family of great people who instantly adopted me.

I also had this fun street style session , in the high line, with Chloe Leroux-Crane, one super talented photographer student, who’s starting her internship with the adorably fierce Garance Doré. This time, the task was to style Canadian designer Britt Watcher’s Spacer top. Britt Watcher is one my favourite designers in Montreal. Her forte is mixing different fabrics – in a way that structure, consistency and architectural cuts are omnipresent on her line, which kinda make her identity.

Because I’m still learning how to mix and match, I mixed it with an H&M tweed skirt, Karen Millen bag, and my favourite BCBGMAXAZRIA’s statement necklace. Oh, and those shades are Steve Madden’s (I wear them aaaaaalll the time lately! Who knew? Me who used to hate on mirrored shades).

Photo: Chloe Crane-Leroux

In my last post’s reflexion on fashion and modernity, I came to the conclusion that a femme extraordinaire, in all its simplicity, is beautifully complicated. She’s a woman, a mother often, has a demanding career , a household to manage, she loves to go out and have fun, she’s intellectual and educated, she loves having smart discussions. She hosts dinners and brunch, loves having friends and family around. She loves fashion, she stands out by her own effortless style. She doesn’t need much to be happy, but she has too much on her hands.

It’s for that femme extraordinaire  Tiffany‘s new design director, Francesca Amfitheatrof dedicated her fist line, Tiffany T. The pieces’ shape and material are inspired by New York’s energy and bold architecture, while the design itself remains very simple, yet super refined. The multi-disciplined artist aimed to celebrate modern’s women power and lifestyle, through this tribute to their courage but mainly, an opportunity to make them look effortlessly chic, comfortable but also in harmony with their busy lifestyle. I’ve got to see the collection few months ago in Montreal’s flagship store, and again yesterday in a delightful breakfast conversation with Francesca herself and the style celebrity Miroslava Duma. I loved every single piece, probably because I felt related to it (yeaaah, I’m a New Yorker at heart).

The femme extraordinaire is a New Yorker… or not! But one thing is certain, she’s a Tiffany T.

P.S: All the details on what I wore on this link.

Miroslava Duma and Francesca Amfitheatrof

Miroslava Duma and Francesca Amfitheatrof



Montreal In Manhattan is a series of outfit posts. I’ll be including at least one piece of Montreal Local designer in all my outfits – whether to attend #NYFW events or street style pictures for style inspiration. 

I woke up like any other morning. I took the time to make my coffee, jump in the shower, read my e-mails, post on Instagram, put my make-up on, fix my hair and dress-up.

But see, it wasn’t like-any-other-morning.

The quiet sound of Brossard’s birds in trees is replaced by the urban symphony of the city that never sleeps. Instead of heading to the office, sit down and quietly start my day, I’m putting my highest heels on, jumping in a cab to go to Tiffany’s. Yes, I’m having breakfast at Tiffany’s – A dream that is finally coming true (remember? I talked about here!). 

So when I started putting together my outfit, an obvious yet interesting wonder came to my mind: If Audrey Hepburn, in the role of Holly Golightly, were to go to Tiffany’s today, in 2014, what would she be wearing?

If Holly Golightly /Audrey Hepburn was fashion forward, always a step ahead on her time, modern and very “New-York”, I couldn’t help but wonder on how she  would have evolved – Which lead me to think on the modern woman today’s position. She’s fun, fierce, minimalist, career-oriented, sober but tasteful, she loves to party until dawn, independent and she protects her heart. She doesn’t like to be taught what to do, she’d rather fail 10 times and learn by herself. But again, what would she be wearing?

I asked my friend, Serge Jean Laviolette (who’s a style connoisseur), and he didn’t hesitate: ” Pair of pants! Very YSL, à la Betty Catroux“. I immediately thought of Nisse. It was a perfect fit with Tiffany’s new architectural design direction (we’ll talk about it later), modernity, it’s fashion-forward, full of movements and style. I went down to their boutique on Saint-Denis, and I fell in love with so many pieces, it was very hard to choose. Until the brand’s manager pulled this outfit, saying that I should totally try it. It was exactly what I was looking for: perfectly cut, strong fabric, and light colours. Very modern breakfast at Tiffany’s.

I really do love Nisse. There is a vision beyond the design and I just appreciated every piece I tried. The fit is amazing, the quality superbe and the structure excellent. I can’t wait to show you more of this brand. Untill then, stay tuned for my next post. It’s about Tiffany’s new collection and you’ll love it!

Top: Nisse
Pants: Majari Trouser from Nisse
Bag: Karen Millen
Shoes: RW&CO

Telling you about my hair experience at Salon Deauville last saturday made me realize I completely omitted to tell you about that time Montreal dined with BCBGMAXAZRIA’s creative director, Lubov Azria. I’ve interviewed this great (and gorgeous) woman two years ago at the New York Fashion Week and I really loved the positive and kindness that emanates from her personality. I really looked forward seeing her again and be part of the brand’s 25 years anniversary dinner celebration. I also can’t wait to see BCBGMAXAZRIA‘s SS15 collection next thursday in New York!

Only Montreal’s finest fashion influencers gathered that nigh, along with media and elite clients. The evening was an absolute delight – Regardless of my hair drama. Dinner was exquisite, the discussions delightful, the laughter au Rendez-Vous. But my favourite part of the dinner was Lubov’s speech.

On what motivates her work on BCBGMAXAZRIA…. Among other things: She remember one day, she was trying this gorgeous designer gown but it was so expensive and out of her budget, she didn’t feel great about herself (You know that pinch in your heart when you want something so bad but you can’t really afford it? Story of my life!). From her very first debuts in the brand, her aim was always to offer beautiful, fulfilling and great garment that would make feel the women great about themselves. Not only because it’s beautifully designed or that it fits many shapes and curves but also because they can afford it and make a statement in it.

On attaining your goal…. “There is something magical about wanting something and calling it out loud. Once you call it out loud, you commit to it more than you do when you say it in your head” – She said. How true! Coelho once said in The Alchimist: ” When you really want something, all the universe conspires for you to have it.” Decide what you want & Go get it.

On her relationship with Max… The first time she saw him was when he interviewed her for a job position. The rest is history but she was basically saying how great it is to find someone who not only completes you in many aspects, but also uplift your ambition and boost you up! She said that sometimes, it’s best to find love at work for your ambitions to be completely encouraged

On being a woman… I don’t remember how she got to that part, I was too distracted thinking through what she said about relationships. And then I heard her finishing a sentence with: ” […] Because it’s so hard to be a woman, in a men’s world.” I abruptly lifted my head and looked at her – thinking of one of my most recent meeting with a potential client, and how I struggled standing out (to be taken seriously) in a meeting filled with men. We were discussing budget, numbers, marketing, huge projects. But they’re eyes weren’t focused on the discussion but rather something else and one of them made inappropriate remarks in a flirty tone. I had to end up the meeting earlier that supposedly, assuring them we’ll finish the rest in a phone conference next week. So yes, It is definitely hard to be a woman in a men’s world.