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Bonjour Mesdames, Mesdemoiselles et surtout… Messieurs,

It is with great pleasure and a sense of duty that I begin this new column for The Montreal Fashion Blog, the best of its kind in our beautiful city. Throughout what I hope will be a long and meaningful journey, I will humbly present to you looks and attires, as well as tips, recommendations and ideas related to men style and gentlemanly behaviour, such as the best way to engage in a meaningful conversation at 2 in the morning on a rooftop terrace following an evening of heavy consumption of libations…

I really, really love the colour blue. I like to play with it a lot. Different shades, textures and match it with different items. Blue is quite versatile and can be easily paired. An essential suit a gentleman should have in his wardrobe is a navy blue suit. That is quite right and undisputed. But at this point let’s go further.

This first look may seem quite basic when it comes to colour pairing (navy blue jacket and beige trousers) but I wanted mostly to play with texture and comfort and give it a twist. Instead of the classic khaki trousers, I went for flannel with a slightly paler shade of beige. Flannel will make you feel as if gentle hands are continuously touching your legs as you walk…For the jacket, a wool double-breasted with peaked lapels. The double-breasted jacket has been regaining its charm during the last few years but with a more modern and appealing cut than during the 90s. Those who grew up during that time will remember vividly when these jackets were quite long and with added shoulder pads. Let us see this as a flux in history and not mention it again. You could go with different shades of blue for the shirt and be creative with the tie. Too much blue is like not enough… So, this can be worn for any number of occasion, office, classy weekend luncheon and even a soirée if a black tie is not specified on the invitation. The match will definitely be noticed.



“Education begins the gentleman, but reading, good company and reflection must finish him.” John Locke, English philosopher


This look has been shot in collaboration with a place that makes me dream: Gault Hotel

Do you believe in style evolution? Duh, you do! If you don’t, all you need is to track back your teenage years glorious pictures, and you’ll find one ultimate evidence (and a common connection with all human species): We all looked like Monkeys at a certain point in our lives.

To be honest, this is not how I intended to start this article, but the build-up was so good! 🙂 🙂 However, I did want to discuss style evolution, because I find it directly proportional to personal growth. I came to this conclusion lately when my wardrobe shifted from office gear (buh-bye wanna-be-accountant era), to aspiring cool-girl, full-of-contrast, office gear.

This said, I’m getting more and more addicted to wearing oversized shirts to work. There’s like a therapeutic feel-good sentiment attached to them. I mean, even if you get to have a crappy day, you’re ready for it: you’re wearing your come-to-mama shirt. Or if you get to have a good day, you just feel cool because your shirt is*. Anyway… I love mixing oversized shirts with all kind of skirts. If the skirt is too tight, I’d wear it with Converse. If not, I’d throw in high-heels (Speaking of which, have you seen our latest obsession?). Converse or high-heels if I wear it with leggings.

What about you? How do you feel about wearing oversized shirts to work?

* At this point, I’m close to buying candles and slippers. lol, jk**.

** Joking about the slippers only, I already have candles at work. But that’s another story 🙂

Photo: Josée Lecompte

Shirt: COS SS16

Skirt: Gift from my sister – I have to ask her.

Shoes: Le Chateau Lace-up Pumps 

This Edit has been shot in support of Sainte-Justine Ball, who’s taking place at the majestic Windsor Ballrooms on March 18th. Tickets aren’t expensive, location is magical and just wait to see the super crowd who’ll be attending. Buy your tickets here, dress well and see you on the dancefloor! 

We were at the Windsor Ballrooms, where Sainte-Justine’s ball will take place in 2 weeks, and the event’s honorary patron Francisco Randez was adjusting his outfit in front of the mirrored-doors in the majestic hallway. For another consecutive year, he accepted to be the ball’s spokesperson. And for another consecutive year, the ball will benefit the neonatal care facilities. ” We tend to forget about premature infants, who are challenged to stay alive as soon they open their eyes to the world”, he explains. ”But the engagement of Le Cercle des Jeunes Leaders is beyond admiration. I’m happy and proud to be involved with these young professionals.”

But Francisco is an engaged person tout court. Beyond his commitment to the cause, he also cares about sustainable and ethical fashion. His awareness makes him a very-well composed gentleman. He’s the kind of man who picks a suit by the quality of fabrics, cuts and feel.” Fabric is an essential factor when I choose a suit. That’s why most of my suits are from Sartorialto – They always use organic and sustainable fabrics, which I value a lot. The guys over there aren’t designers, they’re artisans.” Keep scrolling for his gentlemen looks and tips.

Photographer: Michelle Gagné
Hair & Makeup: Charlotte Flannery ( with Dulcedo Artists)
Stylist: Maude Boisjoly (With Dulcedo Artists)



Sainte-Justine’s ball is young and playful. For Francisco, he’d go with a casual-chic suit with a strong focus on the suit color. It’s the perfect occasion to go creative:  Mix a colorful suit with a pocket square with the same color tones than the tie. Or if you dare, layer a colorful suit with a printed shirt and a two-button Notch Lapel Jacket (because there is too much color there, opt for a plain pocket square and tie).

Bonus tip: Always go with the Windsor tie knot for your tie.


The tux for a gentleman is the equivalent of the LBD for the ladies. You can never go wrong with a tux, and it can never make you look overdressed, or underdressed, in a ball. Although, mix and match outfits are strongly encouraged for the Sainte-Justine’s Ball, go with a tux if you rather simplicity and timeless elegance. Because it’s a must in every man’s closet, buy if you can, rent if you must but don’t let it hold you back from the dance floor.

Last but not least: Cufflinks or no Cufflink? ”No cufflinks, It’s uncomfortable! But that’s my personal opinion”


This Edit has been shot in support of Sainte-Justine’s Ball, who’s taking place at the majestic Windsor Ballrooms on March 18th. Tickets aren’t expensive, location is magical and just wait to see the super crowd who’ll be attending. Buy your tickets here, dress well and see you on the dancefloor! 

” I love Tiffany T. I’ve got my ring for my birthday, I can’t not wear it” Amélie B. Simard was looking over the accessories table with Superstylist Maude Boisjoly. She had her first look on: a long and powerful Versace Dress Maude picked at PRFKT and Manolo Blahnik from Browns.  After trying out few pieces, she opts for ear cuffs. Amélie had a certain sparkle, a natural elegance elevated with grace, femininity and sophistication. Her Joie De Vivre explains her implication as an ambassador for Ball Sainte-Justine, formerly called Mont-Royal Ball. The event, who expects around 1500 guests, is the annual rendez-vous for millennials, young professionals, celebrities and influencers. There is something very cool and laid-back about the event where many women sport effortless chic dresses and outfits (but ladies, we know there is nothing such as effortless for chic 😉 ), and men get as dapper as we wish to see them.

And talking about effortless chic and ball looks, Maude concocted 3 looks for the cool-girls , who love to mix fashion trends and timeless feels. Dressed in a playful deep floral dress and ankle boots, Amelie arrived on set for The Montreal Fashion Blog shoot in high spirits, joyful vibes, ready to rock all the fashion trends we threw her way. But yet again, the actress is a natural. Keep Scrolling to see the looks.

Photographer: Michelle Gagné
Hair & Makeup: Charlotte Flannery ( with Dulcedo Artists)
Stylist: Maude Boisjoly (With Dulcedo Artists)

This was my favorite look. The Yves Saint-Laurent Woman with a Moschino twist. The classic feminine suit piece with a sparkling twist that make it more playful and suited for a ball. Mixing textures is a fun way to add sophistication to an outfit, I really loved how the satin added softness to the sequined blazer, the result is ball-perfect!

Credits: Moschino Vest from the boutique PRFKT; Laurel Sequined Scarf from PRFKT; Mèche The Label Satin trousers; Manolo Blahnik crystal shoes from Browns Shoes ; Jessica McClintock clutch from Browns Shoes; Expression By DCK rings. 

If you’re going to wear a dress, wear one that has movements. For the Sainte-Justine Ball who will take place at the Windsor Ballrooms, where we shot this edit, pick a dress that is as majestic as the location. Amélie wore a classic Versace, and when she was walking towards the photographer, on the hall, we couldn’t help but sight at the beautiful vision of her dress floating behind her. She was a reminder of Charlize Theron ad for Dior… Ouf, now, I really can’t wait for the ball!!

Credits: Versace Dress from PRFKT; Manolo Blahnik Shoes from Browns Shoes, Ear cuffs & Rings from Expression by DCK, Tiffany T ring by Tiffany & co.

I call this look the Chloe Girl. The key here is to play with a masculine nonchalance and elevate it through the texture of the pieces (satin, in this case). The fur adds a certain finish that immediately adds sophistication à la Anna Karenina.

Credits: Paul & Shark from PRFKT Boutique; Mèche the Label satin trousers; Brown Shoes Manolo Blahnik’s shoes; Mèche The Label necklace; Faux Fur from Mèche the Label; rings by Expression by DCKChemise. Tiffany T ring by Tiffany & co.