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Party on Point. Salon 1861 had a condensed mixture of millennials, trendsetters and influencers last Friday night, turning the annual Bal Ste-Justine into a hot affair. Ever so-dashing Francisco Randez, the bal’s ambassador, was joined, amongst other, by celebrities like Quebec-Darling Dufour Lapointe sisters – who were dressed by Marie Saint-Pierre. The event that kicked off with bubbles and bouchées turned into a dance floor craze – entertained by DJ Donald Lauture & DJ Ness.


Photo: Benoit Vermette NSIDER

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”I knew I wanted to live with her, three years ago, when we were here for vacation… That was when our relationship grew stronger”, remembers the future groom, Sebastien Noisez. So it was only obvious for the young couple to choose Tulum, a symbol of their relationship’s maturity, to tie the knot. There is something endearing about them – might it be the way Sebastien speaks about his future wife, or maybe the way Caline looks at her beau. I’ve met them few years ago, at a party at their loft in Old Montreal, where I was dragged by our mutual close friend Antoine. Many dinners, trips, parties that would end at dawn, later… we became as close as cousins of one big-completely-crazy-family. Back then, Sebastien and Caline weren’t engaged yet – but a palpable complicity and genuine love were quite apparent, making them one of those evident couples… the ”duh-they-belong-together” kind.


This may sound like you heard it before but when it comes to love, many would say that it happens when you least expect it. Sebastien & Caline met on a random happy hour in Montreal – and if you’re wondering, yes it was love at first sight. ” I remember I had a dinner with colleagues afterward, and we didn’t want to leave each other. So I asked him to join us but made him promise to tell everyone we were long-time friends to avoid any awkward moments. Who were we kidding!” Caline jokes. “but then, one week later, he had to go back to France. I didn’t expect us to see each other again. I thought – it’s just a moment, and it’s over now. ” it wasn’t a moment and it was definitely not over. He came back, they saw each other again, and started immediately dating exclusively. Years later, in a random discussion, Sebastien completed Caline’s side of the story. ” I was so sad to get back to France, all I could do was think about her.  I remember I was walking in a village and there was a small church. I found myself praying inside that she would still be single when I get back. It’s very rare to deeply connect with someone and for me, it was a first. ” His prayers were definitely answered.


We were a huge group, part of the very same big-crazy-family, to make the trip to Tulum. Charles and I stayed at one of my all-time favorite boutique hotel NEST – which was door-to-door the villa Sebastien and Caline rented. The rest of the guests came all over from France, the United-States, the Middle-East and even as far as Asia. ”When we decided to do a destination wedding, we were expecting 10 people to accept the invitation. Maybe 15. Now we’re over 40 people, among us, some I didn’t see for years but with whom I kept a very good relationship. I’m beyond words of gratitude” Told me, a very happy Sebastien. A very international crowd indeed – that proved to be a great fit. Interesting conversations were fusing along the trip, and so were laughter, debates, dinners and new friendship sparked between everyone and anyone. It was a beautiful thing to witness.


Sebastien, an Alsatian sales director, and Caline, a Lebanese engineer, opted for a traditional ceremony. ” The service is important for us and we had a hard time to find an orthodox clergy. Just when we were about to ask a friend to marry us – my mother’s cousin, who’s a priest, decided to make the trip and do it himself. And it means the world to me. To get married, on the Mexican beach, with my French beau, with both French and Arabic prayers… surrounded by our friends from all around the world. It really does mean a lot.” And how beautiful was the ceremony, between an outstanding colonial Hacienda and the turquoise Tulum water. And then it hit me, both groom and bride were wearing Quebec designers. Sebastien was wearing proudly a very fit suit from our friends Surmesur and Caline looked ravishing on a hand-made Masabni Bridal couture. And they both looked dazzling!


After the ceremony, there was a cocktail with margaritas, Mexican food and mariachis playing under the dying day that shifted into a hot night, a seated dinner, wine and (crazy) acrobats performances ( à la #CirqueDuSoleeeil ). After dinner, and many eye-tearing speeches, a packed dancefloor raised the Mexican heat and kept it burning for the rest of the night- along with late-night cocktails, rhum and cigars. And that is definitely a wedding to remember.

Hair & Make-up: Sarah Garnier

Wedding Planning: Destination Weddings Tulum

Villa Rental Agency: Nalum private retreats

Hacienda: Chekul

Bridal Dress : Masabni

Groom Suit: Surmesur & Tods Shoes.

Special thanks to photographer Kristina K from Dyptique Studio for her talent and collaboration to cover this wedding!