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Ayaye. If these duos were able to nail the red carpet hair and make-ups looks, we can be 100% certain they will rock any wedding, party or bal you might have in the future. Ladies, we give you 5 MUAxHairdresser who beautified #GalaArtis. References to note and use for your next social events.

1- MUA: Sophie Parrot & Hairstylist: Romain Le Moellic. 

Celebrities: Mitsou & Léa Clermont Dion.

2- MUA: Jennifer Dionne & Hairstylist: Jason Williams

Celeb: Vanessa Pilon

3- MUA: Jessica Lablanche & Hair: Marcus 

Celebrity: Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse

4- MUA + HAIR:  Leslie-Ann Thomspon 

Celebrity: Maripier Morin

5- HAIR: David D’amours 

Celebrity: Karine Vanasse *

*We couldn’t find who did the Make-up – Share with the info if you know 😉



Friday, late afternoon, the sky is cloudy, the rain paused for but a moment, allowing sufficient time to enjoy this beautiful terrace.

It is time for the aperitif. A glass of white wine from Burgundy, some charcuteries, some cheese from small French and Québec producers. The time for one of my favorite events of the year is approaching. Also known as the Millenial Ball of the year: The McCord Museum’s Sugar Ball! The magnificent and colourful venue organized by #LeJeuneMcCord is without a doubt the evening that signals the arrival of Summer.

Talking about Quebec, I am completely charmed by the past few collections from Le Chateau. When it comes to finding gowns and dresses to attend balls, or any other social event, I personally find it hard to find interesting pieces that have that Je ne sais quoi…  That dress is not trendy, nor is it too classy, but at the same time, it just stands out. Something about the shape, the cut, the colour, the fabric that is just seductive… I ended up wearing (and owning) a few that I wore for many occasions: La Traviata in New York ( stay tuned for that look), Printemps du MAC, Bal Sainte-Justine + I also realized that many of my shoes come from that brand. Food for thought for you next event outfit. Bonus point: Budget friendly 😉

Back to tonight, albeit the fact that the Sun decided not to take part in the préambule of tonight’s festivities, follow us on the @ MFB_OFFICIAL and ##SugarBall2017  for some live coverage. If you spot us, come say Hi!

P.S: More infos on Sugar Ball here: http://www.musee-mccord.qc.ca/en/fundraising-events/sugar-ball/