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{Beauty Fix} Accuvue Define

Before telling you about 1-Day Acuvue Define, let’s take a moment and review our perception of beauty. It was an afternoon, and after meeting with a potential client, I couldn’t help but notice how he kept his eyes down, on his iPhone, during the session. No eye contact, no connection, no profoundness to the discussion we had, although he was pertinent and smart. I love looking at other people’s eyes when I exchange with them, I find them more revealing and story-telling. In french, they say Les Yeux Sont Les Miroirs de L’Ame. They also say a woman’s smile and gaze, tell more stories than the color of her hair or the red of her lipstick. Not that the second part is wrong, I love red lipstick, but I do agree that we have so many emotions, it’s unfortunate to hide them behind the faux shelter of the confining digital world.

Back to 1-Day Acuvue Define. I love how its only aim is to enhance your natural gaze. I don’t add any fake color, nothing that doesn’t belong to you, just highlighting the pigments of your eyes and create depth in your natural iris. Nobody can know, nobody can tell. Just you having a ”Killer Look”. I’m going to get mine very soon, stay tuned!

P.S: Thank YOU Richmond Lam for this great portrait of me. First time ever, that I like a close-up of my face! 🙂


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