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When Lise Watier sent me their new vibrant lipsticks to try and to share #MyKissStory, for Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t help but think of my siste – the most vibrant woman in my life. I mean, we’re only eleven months apart (don’t ask), we grew-up like twins. We had our first fashion faux pas together, we played hide and seek (she hid her most precious outfits from me, I seeked them out). We also shared together hair dramas and first lipsticks. Then we became adults. we both grew-up up, each one her way but always together. She fascinates me. 26 years old, and two children later, she’s a younger Sarah Jessica Parker version of I Don’t Know How She Does It.

She’s my best critic. Whatever I would do, she’d push me to do better, be better (Sometimes, I feel I’m discussing with a bootcamp trainer). She’s my ally. We always have stupid fous rires and when we’ll be asked why we’re laughing, we’ll avoid to answer to not look stupid. She would me lend me her Loubies for my important events, and helps pick my outfits for Fashion Weeks (Then she would call names when I wouldn’t return them to her). She’s my best advisor, always prevents me on doing something stupid (or do it with me when she thinks it’s funny). Yep, she’s that vibrant gal, with whom I look retarded sometimes in very serious decorums. I will always cherish that night she bumped into Garou and mistaken him from Michel Sardou (But I bet you don’t know who’s Michel Sardou, so…). She’s the only one with whom I can practice my coupé-décallé dance moves on the kitchen’s floor (or Pandore’s). And definitely, the only one who can make fun of my hair drama moments (then help me fix it along with Kim from Deauville!).

A sister, is a constant reminder that you were once a kid, and that you can get taller and wiser, there will always be a part of you that will always be 10 years old.

To the lady who always kicks my ass (and who picked the same shade than me, without knowing it), You’re my eternal Kiss Story.



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