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{Not a Stripper thing} Discover Pole Fitness By Milan Pole Studio

It was the best AND hardest workout I had. It was last Tuesday night and I headed to the famous Milan Pole Studio to try something I would never think I’d be capable of: Pole Dancing. Few moments after starting the class – And watching the other habituées performing amazingly – I realized that it’s all about balancing your strength, weight and flexibility. I had no idea how to do that – it’s one the things I never learned on my regular gym workouts. The first thing you need is to let go all the psychological barriers on your body weight you might have. I never thought i would have enough strength to carry myself around the pole for a basic spin, and after failing the first times, I was told to just let myself go and not think whether I can, or can’t do it.

Once you learn that first lesson, things go a bit smoothly afterwards. The second exercise was to balance the movements – regardless of your flexibility (and I’m NOT flexible). It’s like a dance choreography in the airs, while your arms and élan carries your strength. That was also the FUN part of the workout. To be able to move like a ballerina while working out on your shoulders and arms. It kinda feels like push ups in the airs. Once you get used to synchronizing your movements, you focus on improving their precision, and push up your physical strength. And instead of carrying different weights, what’s best than carrying your very own weight?

For trying different workouts, from regular gym to crossfit, I felt it’s the most complete workout one may have. Since it’s involves your brain power, gym skills and muscular strength. All these perceptions of Pole fitness or Pole dancing being a stripper thing resulted on a false society judgement. I would think of it more like an acrobat, Cirque Du Soleil kinda thing, with a twist of fun. Milan Pole Dance Studio first started in Milan by a Montrealer. The concept is so successful and the workout so great, the studio opened another branch in Dubai, Singapore, and Montreal. Watching how talented my teacher is, I can only understand the craze that surrounds that particular studio. The team is also super passionate about their work, something one can only appreciate.


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