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{Editor’s Note} On Why We organized the Haute Culture Fashion Show!

Life took an unexpected turn lately, as new challenges have taken over my professional activities. I didn’t have any expectations when I launched The Montreal Fashion Blog, all what I aimed for at the beginning was to live my passion and try to understand the local fashion industry. Being present at many events in Montreal, and thus at the heart of the action, I started to develop a bittersweet love story with our local designers. Sweet because I can’t help but admit how talented they are and bitter because it strikes me to not see them in the forefront of international fashion, the way they should be represented. One can say many things about Montreal, but the way I’ve seen it lately is how our industry is quite emerging, taking a step forward, two steps back and a step forward.

On my last note, I shared with you my wish to be more involved in the industry and take concrete actions on how I can add my contribution to the development of our fashion scene in the long run. This is how the Haute Culture fashion show was born, an annual fashion show that brings together two cultures in the same runway. Through this initiative, I aimed to reaffirm the exchange platform between Quebec and other countries – which may lead hopefully to new collaborations between the different fashion industries. This also makes The Montreal Fashion Blog among the rare blogs, if not the only one, who organizes an event that promotes culture and social development.


From my instagram

It was easier for me to choose Morocco for this very first edition, since I’m originally from there. Having a lot to learn in hosting a major event like this one, it was easier to invite the two industries I know best and focus on developing other skills to host a perfect event. This is how we got Four Quebec designers ( Yves Jean Lacasse, Michel Desjardins, Duy & Helmer) and two Moroccan designers ( Meryem El Janaty, who lives here, and Smail Akdim who came to Montreal specially for the show). I can’t be grateful enough for what I have learned through this whole experience, including people I have worked with on the project, different complications I’ve been through, mistakes I’ve made, and coordinating everything from A to Z.


Credit Photo : Ian Woo 

Nor can’t I be grateful enough to the different partners who trusted me and encouraged me from the beginning until this very moment, two weeks after the event was hosted. GENEROSITY is the first lesson they’ve taught me and I am amazed to see how some people give so much, for so little in return. When I proposed the idea to the Cultural Center of Morocco’s Kingdom, they immediately supported me on this, and put at my disposal their beautiful center for the show. Mr. Poitras called it the best kept secret in Montreal, on our first official visit. He is so right ! The venue contributed a lot to the success of the event as guests enjoyed the clean and pure architecture with a Moroccan touch here and there. The center is open to everyone, you have to pay a small visit if you ever have time to play the tourist 🙂


Credit Photo : Ian Woo

Emanuela Lolli from Lolli-Communication was a great support. She is one of those brilliant and joyful women you would love to spend time with! I remember telling her about this project on a cold night of february and before we knew it, she was already part of it. She gave me of her time and her expertise, taking care of the public relations for the event as her partner Léo, helped me on the technical aspects. See, Leo used to be one of the frequent person I used to bump into in many events, but when we started working together, I really appreciated how true and genuine he is. Now that he moved to Paris, I regret for not taking the right time to know him better. We meet so many people in our daily lives repeatedly,  how sad of us to take them for granted. Come back, Leo !


From My instagram – Marie-Eve studying Michel Desjardins’ selection

I can’t thank enough Marie-Eve Venne, the show’s stylist. The most amazing partner in crime one can ask for. We had an amazing time planning all this, over morning coffees at Nespresso or cosmos in the evening. She helped me do it all, and do it well – supported me through the whole thing. She puts all her heart into her work, a quality that I find necessary when doing anything and everything in life.  The good news are that Marie-Eve will be also writing for the blog from now on, and I couldn’t be more excited to welcome a such talented gal to my team. Another man who I’ve really appreciated his involvement with the event is Christian Livet aka my official hairdresser from now on. Christian is the owner of Icone Coiffeurs-Visagistes, which is located on Drummond  street – at the heart of downtown. Him and his team did the hair of all our models, he quickly understood the artistic direction of the show and the results were stunning. He was very patient, although the difficult conditions he worked within.


Credit Photo : Ian Woo
Christian and his two angels

Thank you Karim Leduc! Your speech & testimonial at the evening was quite inspiring and having Dulcedo Model management for this edition ( and hopefully all the next editions) was a blessing! Thank you for your kind words, for believing in me, for being such a great supporter of the show. Thank you for being sweet and humble, you really are amazing and a true inspiration for all  ambitious young professionals who would like to pursue their dreams and passion. Staying down to earth and focusing on making things happen and evolving is the right way to go !

Karim Leduc, director at Dulcedo Model Management

Karim Leduc, director at Dulcedo Model Management

In life nothing happens for no reason. All the persons you meet, all the things you do, all the words you say (if you mean them), your feelings and reactions to what is exposed to you, shape your present and future. I believe in Karma and I believe that people who aim good, will find goodness, happiness and love all around them. And this is what I wish to every single person who was involved in this first edition, as ALL of them gave me their support, love and generosity. I never felt this blessed and grateful in my entire life. There is so many other people I would like to mention but since I know you’ll stop reading this if I keep on writing more – I’ll be presenting them on other articles about the show, the backstage, the cocktail etc..


I have to close this note on one last thing, that is so important for me to tell and remind you. You can choose to be whoever you want in your life, you can take all kinds of actions to make it happen. BUT, don’t forget to include your family on whatever you do ( literally or just by seeking for their moral support). It’s the best weapon you can have when fighting for your dreams. If it wasn’t for my family, I would have never been able to do all this by my own and I’ll always cherish this vision of my mom teaching a model on how to hold a Moroccan kaftan, and how to walk with it. The model have rocked the runway, and the pictures taken of her on the kaftan she wore, was the best picture of the show.


Credit Photo : Ian Woo


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