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{25 Years of Style} And A Dinner with Lubov Azria

Telling you about my hair experience at Salon Deauville last saturday made me realize I completely omitted to tell you about that time Montreal dined with BCBGMAXAZRIA’s creative director, Lubov Azria. I’ve interviewed this great (and gorgeous) woman two years ago at the New York Fashion Week and I really loved the positive and kindness that emanates from her personality. I really looked forward seeing her again and be part of the brand’s 25 years anniversary dinner celebration. I also can’t wait to see BCBGMAXAZRIA‘s SS15 collection next thursday in New York!

Only Montreal’s finest fashion influencers gathered that nigh, along with media and elite clients. The evening was an absolute delight – Regardless of my hair drama. Dinner was exquisite, the discussions delightful, the laughter au Rendez-Vous. But my favourite part of the dinner was Lubov’s speech.

On what motivates her work on BCBGMAXAZRIA…. Among other things: She remember one day, she was trying this gorgeous designer gown but it was so expensive and out of her budget, she didn’t feel great about herself (You know that pinch in your heart when you want something so bad but you can’t really afford it? Story of my life!). From her very first debuts in the brand, her aim was always to offer beautiful, fulfilling and great garment that would make feel the women great about themselves. Not only because it’s beautifully designed or that it fits many shapes and curves but also because they can afford it and make a statement in it.

On attaining your goal…. “There is something magical about wanting something and calling it out loud. Once you call it out loud, you commit to it more than you do when you say it in your head” – She said. How true! Coelho once said in The Alchimist: ” When you really want something, all the universe conspires for you to have it.” Decide what you want & Go get it.

On her relationship with Max… The first time she saw him was when he interviewed her for a job position. The rest is history but she was basically saying how great it is to find someone who not only completes you in many aspects, but also uplift your ambition and boost you up! She said that sometimes, it’s best to find love at work for your ambitions to be completely encouraged

On being a woman… I don’t remember how she got to that part, I was too distracted thinking through what she said about relationships. And then I heard her finishing a sentence with: ” […] Because it’s so hard to be a woman, in a men’s world.” I abruptly lifted my head and looked at her – thinking of one of my most recent meeting with a potential client, and how I struggled standing out (to be taken seriously) in a meeting filled with men. We were discussing budget, numbers, marketing, huge projects. But they’re eyes weren’t focused on the discussion but rather something else and one of them made inappropriate remarks in a flirty tone. I had to end up the meeting earlier that supposedly, assuring them we’ll finish the rest in a phone conference next week. So yes, It is definitely hard to be a woman in a men’s world.


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