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{Back To Work 01} The Euro Chic

We’re back! And by back, we mean #BackToWork! With a new improved editorial line and all. With the opening of Club Monaco’s new flagship store on Sainte-Catherine, we thought it is the perfect occasion to showcase cool guy, cool girl outfits for the office – From their winter collection! Aaah, how we looove that store! Never been yet? Check out our insider tour here!
The men’s classic: A dark suit. Suitable for many occasions: weddings, funerals, divorce court appearances and your nephew’s Bat Mitzvah. Classic as it may be, the look has been done again, again, and yet again, with some basic variables: A skinny tie, a normal tie, a bowtie (if you’re fancy,) a pocket square, or a hat of some kind. Whereas women tend to get infinite opportunities to mix and match, us fellas are a bit more limited. Enter: The scarf.
Current, colorful, and probably the easiest thing to put on if you still can’t tie a tie. Leave your top button undone for a more euro-chic look that says both “I’m wearing pants so I truly care about being here” while showing your total nonchalence and fashionable laziness. Did we mention it’s cashmere? The ladies dig that. A lot.


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