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{Back To Work 04} The Winter Trick

We’re back! And by back, we mean #BackToWork! With a new improved editorial line and all. With the opening of Club Monaco’s new flagship store on Sainte-Catherine, we thought it is the perfect occasion to showcase cool guy, cool girl outfits for the office – From their winter collection! Aaah, how we looove that store! Never been yet? Check out our insider tour here!

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Would you rock this look at the office? I would. Would you rock it outside, in the harsh reality of winter? I wouldn’t. Or wait, maybe I would. And nop, I’m not crazy! You know how we all forget how to dress up in winter because of that snow, and that cold and all that stuff? My trick is to wear legging over my tights, and remove them once inside the warmth of the office. I have three pair of heels lined up under my desk, I always trade my boots to my heels once in. It’s the only way I can think of to keep dressing-up. And the only way to keep winter depression from hitting! What’s your trick ?




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