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{Holiday Edit 02} The Neutral & The Tiffany T

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My friends, when in doubt, opt for simplicity and focus on jewels. For tonight’s DULCEDO party (who cares about the snowstorm, you’ll find me on the dance floor!!!!!!), I thought it would be perfect to channel an all-white outfit paired with my latest Tiffany T addition (THANK YOU TIFFANY!). We also shot this edit at the Montreal Store, which hold many key pieces from Tiffany T, that I ALL used for the shoot. I mean, when you allow me to wear Tiffany’s… I WEAR Tiffany’s 🙂 What I love about all-white party looks is 1) that épuré feels it airs – 2) No matter where your pieces are from, it looks like a multimillion dollar look (very Monaco-esque) – 3) It has this very interesting contrast of simplicity and luxury – 4) White is super trendy this season – 5) Add a red lipstick to it, and… DAMN GIRL!

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….BUT! Let my honesty voice out my main concern for tonight. I’m SUPER ULTRA CLUMSY. If you ever see me with shrimp sauce all over my jumpsuit, don’t tell! Or, and that is worse, what if I look like a snowflake? but hey, Qui ne risques rien… n’a rien! It’s a daring look, but I’m a daring person. I’ll let you know how it goes, but, meanwhile, have you ever worn white in a party? would you dare?

P.S: Scroll down and check out the Tiffany &Co Holiday Campaign, it’s SO CUTE!!!

UPDATE: FORGET white on a party of 800 people. I’m still in awe of the look, but truth to be told, it’s perfect for an intimate dinner, party of 10 or a family gathering. I switched to a classic LBD at the very last minute, and THANK GOD I did, because 1) A drink was spilled on me 10 min after I arrived, 2) The party was c r o w d e d ! it would have turned grey in minutes 3) It would have looked too serious. I would reserve this look for another occasion. Probably The blog’s intimate dinner next week!

P.S2: Oh, and by the way, DULCEDO throws the best parties!


{TOP} Judith & Charles


{JEWELS} Tiffany T

{SHOES} Christian Louboutin

MUA: Mayillah Ezekiel


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