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{Power of Sneakers}… And Sneakerellas!

They say Cinderella is the proof that a pair of shoe can change your life. I SO agree with that statement! My shoes are important for me, and when I say shoes, I refer to my Nike white Airmax! I wear them a lot, even when I go out… Although heels are sexy, they make your legs look amazing and you feel powerful wearing them – I’m just scared for my life when I do, but that’s just me being the usual walking disaster. Seriously, it should be illegal to make us, women, walk into these torture weapons all the time! Which is why, I want you girls to welcome this movement with confetti (and hashtags #Sneakerella): Let’s replace heels by Sneakers!

My story with sneakers goes back to last year, when I dropped my heels because I just couldn’t take another fall. I was pretty much wearing them with everything – but mostly dresses and skirts. I felt pretty cool, and got some looks. Enter fall/winter 2015. Chanel exchanged the heels for sneakers on the runway (Way to go Karl, but I was first!). Ok, fine I wasn’t. Anyway, if there’s something that I learned about the #sneakerworld, is that there’s two kinds of Sneakerellas: The Nike lovers, and the Converse Rockers. Of course, you can wear them both, but I feel like deep down every girl has her inner sneaker God. For my part, I’m all about Nikes (because deep down, I’m gangsta).
Let’s talk about the Converse/Vans Girls: They’re the “Don’t Give A S***’’, messy hair-Don’t care, free-spirit, ‘’cool chick’’, ladies. If that’s your attitude, you know which side you’re on. Your flirty dresses, cool leather attires, short-shorts are going to rock with those shoes! The new Walt Disney collection at Van’s offer you cool princesses prints too, I died!

…And you have the Nike/Adidas/New balance Girls. Those are more trendy, laid-back, cool and have the swag (yes I used the S word). Usually, these babies are white, so those girls are neat freaks. Any super tight dress a la Kim Kardashian, high-waisted jeans, crop tops or Hervé Léger fabrics will look super dressy with these.
How will I look better than the 6-foot top model on Chanel’s runway? If that’s the question on your mind, let me tell you the answer: attitude. Wearing sneakers and having the perfect attitude will compete with anyone. Kendal Jenner got it, and look where she is now! Being the life of the party is not a question of height.
Bonus tip: White sneaker cleaner!
You can always use wipes, buy hundred laces to change the dirty ones, buy the useless products the sales persons make you buy.. BUT Mr. clean magic eraser will take no space in your purse and will def. save your life! (You’re welcome)


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