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The Look: COS Oversized Shirt

This look has been shot in collaboration with a place that makes me dream: Gault Hotel

Do you believe in style evolution? Duh, you do! If you don’t, all you need is to track back your teenage years glorious pictures, and you’ll find one ultimate evidence (and a common connection with all human species): We all looked like Monkeys at a certain point in our lives.

To be honest, this is not how I intended to start this article, but the build-up was so good! 🙂 🙂 However, I did want to discuss style evolution, because I find it directly proportional to personal growth. I came to this conclusion lately when my wardrobe shifted from office gear (buh-bye wanna-be-accountant era), to aspiring cool-girl, full-of-contrast, office gear.

This said, I’m getting more and more addicted to wearing oversized shirts to work. There’s like a therapeutic feel-good sentiment attached to them. I mean, even if you get to have a crappy day, you’re ready for it: you’re wearing your come-to-mama shirt. Or if you get to have a good day, you just feel cool because your shirt is*. Anyway… I love mixing oversized shirts with all kind of skirts. If the skirt is too tight, I’d wear it with Converse. If not, I’d throw in high-heels (Speaking of which, have you seen our latest obsession?). Converse or high-heels if I wear it with leggings.

What about you? How do you feel about wearing oversized shirts to work?

* At this point, I’m close to buying candles and slippers. lol, jk**.

** Joking about the slippers only, I already have candles at work. But that’s another story 🙂

Photo: Josée Lecompte

Shirt: COS SS16

Skirt: Gift from my sister – I have to ask her.

Shoes: Le Chateau Lace-up Pumps 


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