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The Montreal Fashion Blog aims to cover and inspire through the hottest headlines that shape up the fashion scene of the city.

Because let’s face it. Montreal is an awesome city. It has this cachet, that je-ne-sais-quoi we want to push forward. The city is filled with talented, ambitious people, those men about town and boss ladies who make the difference. We love the artistic vibe that makes this city unique, that particular way of living that is proper to here. We want to celebrate the city as you live in it: Where to go, what to wear, who you should meet and what you should do. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Our Manifesto goes likes this 


About_manifestoWe are The Montreal Fashion Bloggers. It means three things: We are defined by our city, our passion and our personal opinions. We’re a bunch of people who get along in many aspects: We love what we do, we’re curious about things, we like chatting with other people, in fact, we love midnight conversations. We’re all super ambitious and dedicated. We love going the extra mile to make this happen. Bonus Point: We love to dress up!

We stand for style. We believe that fashion is multicultural and comes in different forms, different views, through different emotions and different interpretation. We don’t mistake fashion with trends, although we might have a trend obsession, once in a while, because, you know… #BeautyisEverywhere.
 We’re part of Montreal’s creative scene; We all play role in it, through our day job or part-time gigs. We’re seeking for personal growth, and professional evolution. We love to learn, and we love to share our expertise. We’re story-tellers, we use words, colors and lenses to express what we interpret. We are the Olivia Pope of the Industry. We’re the gladiators without suits. Not that we want to fix things, but we try. We love organizing events, draw social media strategies, be some sort of consultants for those who need us. We love being the ambassadors of brands we like. We love supporting local talent, when the talent is there. We love being there for those who need us, we love connect similar minds, strike new collaborations, make our world more unite and diversified.
We are all about empowerment. We love Men About Town and Boss Ladies. Those people who make a difference, through their courage, their dedication. We love those who dream and make their dreams come true. We love those who don’t give up. We respect those who value integrity, gender equity and ambition. Those who work hard, who don’t sleep at night, who become something out of nothing. The Lubov Azrias and the Steve Maddens of this world. The Dick Walsh from Donacotta, or the stylists working in the shadows. Bonus point for  those who get involved in charity causes just ”because”.
You can sit with us. In fact, we want you tell us exactly what you think. How you feel when you read us. We would applaud you if you disagree with us and we will probably try to change your mind. But you’ll need to be constructive. We won’t let hateful comments take us down, or unnecessary attacks. But then again, we do not believe that would define our audience