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Charles’ Corner: The Trench

Bonjour MesdamesMesdemoiselles et surtout… Messieurs,

Tis the season in between seasons… Indeed, early autumn is the period when one wonders how one should dress. Warmly as mornings are quite chilly or light, as come lunchtime, the degrees gained make it quite warm, and by that I mean before months of living at -15°C, 5-10°C feels like beach temperature.

This leads to my subject of this month, the trench.

Owning a good trench coat is essential. Of course, its classical use is under the rain in order to protect your suit but it can do much more than that; especially during spring or autumn, when you have to wear a coat but your wool overcoat is way too warm.

Beige is a perfect pairing with all you blue garments and lighter colours. For black and dark grey suits, a black or grey trench would be advised. This example is perfect for both business and semi-formal occasions. Imagine all the chinos you could wear with that shade: maroon, burgundy, green, cream… Double-breasted gives it an edge of course.

Burberry is quite famous for theirs but of course you can find great ones under other brands and much less painful on your wallet.



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Trench: Le 31 (Simons)

Scarf: Black Brown (The Bay)

Trousers: Le 31(Simons)

Shoes: Rudy’s Paris



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