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{Man About Town} Philipe Dubuc, Designer Extraordinaire

“I am in a constant evolution with modernism and urban contrasts”

Over twenty years of career later, Philippe Dubuc has become a pillar in the local fashion industry. He’s one of the few who can look back and be proud of the road he traveled along, proud of his achievements and proud of coming across all sort of difficulties – that many designers in Montreal go through constantly. Tonight, the designer is re-introducing his winter collection in collaboration with the German Automobile magnate BMW Canbec, a very important association for the two brands in a way where their respective essence and identity will be celebrated conjointly. We’ve met with Philippe Dubuc to discuss this important collaboration but also have an exclusive look at this collection. Here’s what he had to say:

BMWCanbecxPhilippeDubuc: “It’s an important association for both of us, in a way that our respective clients are similar. They’re these influencers who love sophistication, minimalism and strength. I find BMW cars make an important statement about power and ambition, and I hope my designs do just the same. It’s also interesting to make a fashion show in a corporate framework, it pushes you to be very creative and innovative.”



A strong statement: ”When asked on how he’s planning to associate visually the two brands, he points the difference between a fashion show and a show tout court. “This association is already cohesive but I think it’s important to highlights both our essence. I can’t say much about how it will be concretely – I really want you to be surprised. But I can say that we got inspired by the history of BMW, its origin, the German highway, the German music. We really want to put on a show, not just a fashion show. You’ll understand when you’ll see it.”

New Beginning: ”We just moved to old Montreal last July and I’m beyond happy to be here. I find the neighbourhood very cosmopolitan, it’s like a city within a city. People are from everywhere, they come from the US, from Europe or Asia. Another thing I love about this neighbourhood is the shopping experience. I think people who shop in Old Montreal do it with style and aestheticism. C’est agréable. It’s also a neighbourhood who’s changing, it’s evolving in a fervent way and we want to part of this evolution.”

Evolving: ”I think my design are very Canadian in a way where you find an american and european touch. I think these two culture together represents Canada. We’re evolving in a way where we want to make the masculine fashion all about discretion. It’s always about that small detail that you can’t see but that makes the garment different. I definitely find my work evolving while remaining in the same optic. It’s important for me to keep the same feel in my brand while improving the line, structure them better while refining them. It’s modern, it’s strong, it’s minimalist more than ever, this is how I want to keep evolving.

Montreal in Fashion: ”Designers face the same reality. It’s always about creativity vs commercial. Mass Market vs quality. In my philosophy I think that they’ll always be two kind of clients: The one who wants to buy the original, and the
one who wants to buy the copy. I have great hopes that the first kind of client will always exist. We aim for them to love, adopt us and wear our designs. We’re many emerging designers who fight hard to emerge, it’s al lot of work and perseverance. But you need to be strong. Everyday.

Credit photo : Josée Lecompte


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