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{Puttin’ On The Ritz} Diary Of A Social Gal’s Celeb Issue

“If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to… Why don’t you go where fashion sits”

Yeah… It was better than Astaire’s song, except that people didn’t seem blue and fashion was not sitting, but jazzing it up on the dance floor. It’s not longer a rumor that Jennifer Campbell knows how to throw a party,but a fact I’d love to re-verify whenever I’d have a chance. It was the perfect party to launch what-was-then the Holidays season, and Le-Tout-Montréal was there! When I got in, my eyes were inevitably attracted by Campbell’s backless black dress – beautifully designed for the Lady de la soirée by Gwen Madiba from House of Dare. She looked graceful!

The most popular trend noticed that night was men’s Handkerchief pockets, as seen on Serge Jean Laviolette, Brahm Mauer and of course Alessandro Berga. I think they’re the ultimate sign of elegance and refinement and I can’t help but hope to see them more often on men. My coup de coeur was however’s Karim Leduc tie ring, that added a “James Bond” kind of feeling to his suit (With his snowboard accident face scars, I can’t seem to decide between James Bond or an UFC Champion). All dressed in black, Fashion sensation Rad Hourani also made an apparition. “The Whole World attracts me” he said when I asked him if there was a particular industry that seems appealing to him. Although very  successful and ambitious, I loved Hourani‘s open mind and simplicity. I can’t wait to see the collection he’s presenting next week in Paris.

Prints, statement necklaces, bold jumpsuits and Nadia Saputo’s Pink rose Pin were the highlight for women’s style. My favourites were Carrie MacPherson‘s blue jumpsuit, and Cheryl Besner green Catherine Malandrino’s – that I found perfect and timeless.

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