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{On the Rooftop} Maison Kitsuné x Pernod Absinthe

Dear friends. Now that you start to know me better through my posts,  you probably know how much I love to capture the best dressed socialites in the parties. So you can understand why I couldn’t make my way back to Montreal before covering a typical New-Yorker party. And what’s more typical than a rooftop soirée at the fabulous NoMad hotel in Broadway – with a spectacular view of the city Skyline. And there I found myself, in the third day of my sejour, looking at the stars and at a beautiful crowd. The party aimed to celebrate a new collaboration between the fashion house Maison Kitsuné and the Spirit liqueur Pernod Absinthe. The fashion house co-founders Gildas Loaec and Masaya Kuroki not only designed a limited-edition of Pernod-Ricard Spirit liqueur bottles but also based a complete collection on the same design.

So while the party was brewing delicious fashion (and pretty good Absinthe!), here is what I saw:

1/ New yorkers loooove to mix prints. I mean, literally, they love to mix prints.

2/ New yorkers are not afraid to be overdressed.

3/ I feel like gossip girl male characters are all over the place ! Men guests were either a typical version of Chuck Bass, Dan humphrey or Nate Archibald. I looove New York !

 4/ New Yorkers are not afraid to be casual neither.

5/ New Yorkers loove shoes. Comfortable shoes that is.

6/ New Yorkers travel the time in style; they can be either Avant-Gardes or Marie-Antoinettes, they’re everything but boring.

7/ ” OMG, It’s Cato Van Ee”  exclaimed someone in my ear. ” Who?” I asked. ”OMG, You don’t know her? She is a top Model, she did Prada, Miu Miu, Givenchy…  She was even photographed by Testino for D&G.”

Created in 2002, Maison Kitsuné is both a music record label and a fashion house. A great concept that combines two different modes of expression that once put together, go along very well. The emblem of the brand is a fox ( Kitsuné in Japanese) that represents the multi-faces of the company. I asked Gildas Loaec if Maison Kitsuné will be implanted in Montreal any soon. ” Je l’espère bien!” He answered in french. ” On aime beaucoup Montréal”. Untill then, you can shop some of their pieces on SSENSE.COM.

 As for the Pernod Absinth, you can have them at the SAQ ( If you like Anis that is).

Et sinon, voici quelques uns de mes looks préférés de la soirée !

Credit Photo : Denis Nadeau


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