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Sneakerella. Camille’s modern version of sneaker girls. Someone I became until very lately. See, I’m definitely a high heels girls. If Cam would wear sneakers with dresses and skirts, I’d wear heels with jogger pants or boyfriend jeans. I love heels, I love the assurance it gives you when you walk with them. I also love how it ”sexifies” your outfit instantly. (What’up Julia Robert runaway bride pose remake! I always wanted to do that. minus the bride dress).

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But, once I owned my first pair of Converse, I was hooked. Comfort never seemed that classy. So just like Cam, I started wearing them with almost everything. Skirts, dresses, jumpsuits… except maybe boyfriend jeans. Converse and boyfriend jeans made me feel like a retarded teenager in an adult state of mind. Not cool. BUT. A perfect skirt, white t-shirt and leather perfecto is totally my new ”Casual is the new Chic”. In her article, Cam was discussing Nike vs Converse girls. According to her definition, Converse girls are the careless, free spirited, comfort junkies ladies who still look sexy in their outfit. Hope I rep well her interpretation of those girls, since I’m certainly not a Nike Girl.

Ok, first – This post was never planned! Wearing heels at the beach neither. It was the end of a long day where lounging in the sands and cold water teasing were in order (By the way, Old Orchard beach is amaze!). Anyway, we were prepping my sister-in-law and I to go out when she suggested we start with a walk at the beach. Since I already had my sandals on, the rest of family were all questioning my ability to walk in the sand, with them. And frankly, I did consider a shoe change but with everyone teasing me and being all sceptical – I couldn’t resist but accept the challenge. Surprisingly, it was easier to win than expected. They didn’t go that deep in the sand, and I was able to walk in the water. It was as comfortable as if I was barefoot (and nop, I’m not exaggerating). Which leaves the whole social experiment to this:

  1. Yes, High Heels work in the sand.
  2. But make sure the material is waterproof and solid, you don’t want to ruin them.
  3. Make sure they’re super comfy. If you can run after your morning bus with them on, you can also walk in the sand.
  4. Ignore the looks and the smurfs in people’s face. They’re not you; You’re better.

What about you? Would you dare wearing heels at the beach?