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This a personal homage to all Tiffany’s women designers and designers who celebrate femininity through splendid, breathtaking creations. To a company who celebrates self-empowerment, and to all our mothers and grandmothers who teach their daughters confidence and substance… Hats off!

As far as I remember, my grandmother has always been the epitome of style. I remember her Chanel scent before going out in the morning, her satin dresses in the evening, her kohled eyes, the sound of her heels when she came back from dinners, her boudoir full of clutches, lipsticks, body lotions… And, of course, her wood boxes filled with all kinds of jewels. For someone who owned so much jewelry, it always surprised me how she would always wear the same set for months (generally a necklace with a gold bracelet)—whether if it’s to go shopping in the afternoon, or for more glamorous outings. I was fascinated.

As I grow older, I finally came to the conclusion fine jewelry is deeply meaningful for women in my family, whether it was a family heirloom, a strong statement that reflects their personal history and/or investments from themselves to themselves. I also realized it’s not even about the price tag, but there is something more substantial attached to the items; the way these ladies would carry themselves, their elegant manners, the eloquence of their speech … and the way they would subconsciously caress it. There was a certain power attached to it—that certain je-ne-sais-quoi that lifts any boring outfit into something that is proper to their character. I remember the long afternoons at my grandmother’s jeweler – where she would spend hours editing a piece – adding more stones, crafting some pendant. She would be meticulous, and that would drive the poor old man crazy.

And as I grow older, I realized I adopted the same jewelry standards. I rather own fewer items that are super fine than own a lot of pieces that are ”cheap”. I rather wear one the four Tiffany’s gold chains that I own, repeatedly for months and will never get bored if it. More than investments, it’s something that becomes part of your identity: How I would save for it, choose it, pick it and the best part is – how I know it would stay forever in my very own wood box.Which is probably why I have a certain obsession with Tiffany’s key designers, like Paloma Picasso or Francesca Amfitheatrof, who have a strong simplicity in their aesthetics, but so relative to their ideology or personal stories, that I can’t help but be reminded of my grandmother’s own quintessential pieces. I guess from all the things these women have in common, it’s the confidence I would want to teach my daughter. Just like I was taught by her Great-grandmother. The epitome of style.

Photo: Josée Lecompte




Montreal In Manhattan is a series of outfit posts. I’ll be including at least one piece of Montreal Local designer in all my outfits – whether to attend #NYFW events or street style pictures for style inspiration. 

I woke up like any other morning. I took the time to make my coffee, jump in the shower, read my e-mails, post on Instagram, put my make-up on, fix my hair and dress-up.

But see, it wasn’t like-any-other-morning.

The quiet sound of Brossard’s birds in trees is replaced by the urban symphony of the city that never sleeps. Instead of heading to the office, sit down and quietly start my day, I’m putting my highest heels on, jumping in a cab to go to Tiffany’s. Yes, I’m having breakfast at Tiffany’s – A dream that is finally coming true (remember? I talked about here!). 

So when I started putting together my outfit, an obvious yet interesting wonder came to my mind: If Audrey Hepburn, in the role of Holly Golightly, were to go to Tiffany’s today, in 2014, what would she be wearing?

If Holly Golightly /Audrey Hepburn was fashion forward, always a step ahead on her time, modern and very “New-York”, I couldn’t help but wonder on how she  would have evolved – Which lead me to think on the modern woman today’s position. She’s fun, fierce, minimalist, career-oriented, sober but tasteful, she loves to party until dawn, independent and she protects her heart. She doesn’t like to be taught what to do, she’d rather fail 10 times and learn by herself. But again, what would she be wearing?

I asked my friend, Serge Jean Laviolette (who’s a style connoisseur), and he didn’t hesitate: ” Pair of pants! Very YSL, à la Betty Catroux“. I immediately thought of Nisse. It was a perfect fit with Tiffany’s new architectural design direction (we’ll talk about it later), modernity, it’s fashion-forward, full of movements and style. I went down to their boutique on Saint-Denis, and I fell in love with so many pieces, it was very hard to choose. Until the brand’s manager pulled this outfit, saying that I should totally try it. It was exactly what I was looking for: perfectly cut, strong fabric, and light colours. Very modern breakfast at Tiffany’s.

I really do love Nisse. There is a vision beyond the design and I just appreciated every piece I tried. The fit is amazing, the quality superbe and the structure excellent. I can’t wait to show you more of this brand. Untill then, stay tuned for my next post. It’s about Tiffany’s new collection and you’ll love it!

Top: Nisse
Pants: Majari Trouser from Nisse
Bag: Karen Millen
Shoes: RW&CO