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” I am wearing spring shoes. I guess that’s what we do when we’re tired of Winter, we pretend it’s spring already”. We were sitting in the blue lounge of the W Hotel – where, oddly enough, I’ve met Francisco Randez for the first time, two summers ago, at Decastelbajac’s private party. He didn’t change much of my souvenirs. His legs crossed, his hair groomed, Francisco is a very composed man. He talks very quietly, and his answers have a certain profoundness, one can only enjoy. “It is spring, and yes, it’s good to be in denial for a little while” I answered.

His debuts in the fashion industry seemed to be a natural part of his growing process. ” When I was young, I used to work for my aunt’s boutique Mousseline. I learned so much from her, she’s audacious; She was among the first to bring Fashion’s post-modern, rock culture in the city. That universe always fascinated me…  John Richmond, monochrome looks, unexpected fierceness that crashed the traditional perception everyone had about the Fashion industry! And there was also Jean-Paul Gaultier…”

Photo By the sensational Josée Lecompte

With whom you worked! You were Le Male for five years…

” I wanted to be Le Male, I visualized it. My aim wasn’t to model, but to model for Jean-Paul Gaultier. I grew up with his vision, I understood his interpretation of beauty, I wanted to be part of it. Back then, my head was shaved, I was all tattooed, I was exactly who I wanted to be. Now I sound very wild but I was a very reserved person – And I’m still like that – It’s just that I had this fire inside me, this passion that nurtured me.”

How was shooting as Jean-Paul Gaultier’s perfume face?

“I think it didn’t last more than half an hour. I arrived, I knew exactly what they wanted, and how I should give it to them. I think that’s what makes me the most proud about this experience…”

What happened afterward? I guess you were very demanded…

” I never wanted anything else after Gaultier. I was satisfied afterward, I was at peace. Again, modeling wasn’t a career I was striving for. I did some commercials, then some ads then became a TV host – Which fulfilled me as well…”

From Model to Role Model. Although he stopped modeling to focus on his TV career, Francisco accepted few modeling contracts, and shows here and there, with people he liked working with. ” I think that’s what life is about. Working with people who inspire you, who are generous and authentic. It’s more important than being famous. It’s being dedicated and engaged in what you do. Fame should never be a goal. It’s an extension of what you do, but it’s shouldn’t be a goal”

What’s your goal then? 

” To wake up every morning and be excited about the day ahead. I just want to be myself. Now, I’m thinking about our society, and I believe we should be more careful about teenagers, and make sure they learn the values that matter the most. I look at them, and sometimes, I feel they’re lost. Especially, those who don’t have a masculine figure in their lives, it makes me want to be there and inspire them the most I can… it’s tomorrow’s generation, and we should care about them…”

You’re also engaged in various causes… Lately you’ve been Bal Du Mont-Royal’s spokesperson…

” I love Sainte-Justine’s foundation and I’m proud of Le Cercle Des Jeunes Leaders. to see these young professionals gather their strength to mobilize the society, and raise their awareness to give to others… It’s beyond admiration. This year, the ball benefitted the hospital’s neonatal care facilities. We tend to forget about these premature newborns, who open their eyes to world with the challenge to stay alive…I’m more than happy and honored to be involved.”

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But you’re also a business man… I heard you own a restaurant? 

Ha is my first restaurant experience, (He also owned la Porte Rouge, on Mont-Royal, for a while), and I love every bit of it. Don’t be surprised if you see me with my sleeves rolled, in the kitchen or serving food. It’s all about passion, I guess, I have a kick ass team, we’re like a family and our clients are very faithful to us… What’s not to love about this…

And you still do radio and TV? How do you manage all this?

Yes, I still host some TV and radio shows but lately, I had my debuts in my first TV Show on TVA. It’s the first time I have an acting role, but the character is very much similar to me. I’m having fun with that. So, how I manage… I don’t know, it must be passion. As I told you, my goal is to learn the most I can, so I love take risks, do new things, meet new people, work with passion. everything I do, I do it for me.

… Let’s talk about Fashion, I love your style, you always look dapper!

I have a very ambiguous relationship with the fashion industry, I don’t like how pollutant and unfair it is. They use billions of resources to makes few garments – We end-up throwing away after few washes. And don’t let me start about those poor people who work in sweatshops in Asia. But in the same time, our body is our temple, and we tend to forget it’s the house we live in – For a lifetime. We have to take care of ourselves, but also take care of the environment. Thank God for the ethic guys, Like Sartorialto, who use organic and sustainable fabrics. All my suits are from there, they’re not designers, they’re artisan – and I value that more.

What are you gentleman’s essentials to go to a ball ?

A good suit. I’m happy to see more young men wear suits. They’re starting to assume this elegant side of them, they were repelling for so long. They always associated suits to something chic, something occasional… when it’s not. They are many kinds: sporty suits, elegant suits, casual ones… I also love pocket squares.I have hundreds of them. Other than that, the most essential thing for me is fabric. I hate wearing bad fabric… it kind of ruin it all.

Cufflinks or no Cufflink? No cufflinks, It’s uncomfortable!