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Ayaye. If these duos were able to nail the red carpet hair and make-ups looks, we can be 100% certain they will rock any wedding, party or bal you might have in the future. Ladies, we give you 5 MUAxHairdresser who beautified #GalaArtis. References to note and use for your next social events.

1- MUA: Sophie Parrot & Hairstylist: Romain Le Moellic. 

Celebrities: Mitsou & Léa Clermont Dion.

2- MUA: Jennifer Dionne & Hairstylist: Jason Williams

Celeb: Vanessa Pilon

3- MUA: Jessica Lablanche & Hair: Marcus 

Celebrity: Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse

4- MUA + HAIR:  Leslie-Ann Thomspon 

Celebrity: Maripier Morin

5- HAIR: David D’amours 

Celebrity: Karine Vanasse *

*We couldn’t find who did the Make-up – Share with the info if you know 😉