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Contradiction. Dressing-up the casual v.  dressing down the chic. For the second day of #FMD15, I wore a classy Club Monaco fringe skirt, that I had dressed down by pairing it with a white shirt and converse. The next day, my outfit did exactly the opposite –Which I realized until way later: I wore a casual boyfriend Jeans that I dressed-up with high heels, a blazer and a snake-printed clutch. I kept the white-shirt (completely basic, his role was to even the different styles) and I added a brighter lipstick. What do you think?

Credit Photo: Josée Lecompte

Rumor has it that love, true love, happens when you less expect it. No matter how much efforts you put on finding the right pair, sometimes, you need to stop looking to find it right in your sight. With all the rain we had lately, I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of spring boots. Since I was in a job transition, I couldn’t sport rain boots anymore and switch them for heels once in the office. I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know where to find it. I bought an expensive pair from Spring (well, expensive for the quality) and had to throw them away two days later. (They get scraped vey easily). Since then, I did Aldo, Little Burgundy and Browns. The booties were either too expensive, too edgy, too sporty or too… not-me

It was a Thursday night and we were looking for a parking on Saint-Denis. We were super late to the dinner we were attending, at the aphrodisiac restaurant Atame – where the blog’s men editor, Joel, was expecting us. He was hosting the evening and had put together a burlesque show that was supposed to start very soon. My friend, who agreed to join me at the very last minute, was finally parking her car when she started gushing about the store in front of us : “Please, please, please – we have to go in! Last week, I bought there a pair of Sam Edelman and they’re just p-e-r-f-e-c-t!”– “Are you serious? we’re already 30 min late…” – “It won’t be long, I promise!” And there she was, in-store with a Michael Kors pair on her hands. Half amused, half annoyed, I followed her.

The first thought that came across my mind, while wandering, was how gorgeous! the shoes are. The second thought that shook up my mind was how affordable those gorgeous! shoes are… And there I was standing, three pairs on my hands, while my eyes were scanning furiously the shoe racks along the wall… And there they were, standing proudly next to Steve Madden’s brown boots, and courting my strong love for sophisticated cuts, refined textures (leather and suede lines, and metal hardware heel) and pointed toes. They were p-e-r-f-e-c-t! They were the MADDY boots by French Connection. It that was not love for the first sight, I sure do not know anything about love! The good deal? They had an extra 20% off the rebate, which brings them down to… 60$ instead of 150$! I know, right??

Oh, and the name of the store ? Mochico. CHECK IT OUT! No, seriously!