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Tis the season of getting our s*** together! So long warm days, we’ll miss our lazy afternoons, late-night drinks in some terrace and let it all go for the sake of la dolce vita. I don’t know about you but we, the #MFBSquad, had an amazing summer. It’s time to get back to work, and with new seasons come new goals and projects! #Letsgetit! 

When it comes to wearing earphones, if you want my opinion, it’s like wearing sunglasses. Chances are that you’re not using them for their mere utility (aka listening to music/avoiding X-rays) but for them to act like the invisible cloak did for Harry Potter. Dodge unnecessary conversations and/or pretend you didn’t see that ancient classmate when it’s too early for your brain to put together words, or for the simple reason that you didn’t apply your lipstick well (because you were about to miss your commute once again) and rushing into your office to fix it… Chance you’re wearing them also for the style, they’re too cute and the gold in the earplugs match the studs of your boots… But then, the brain mess that gets to you when the cable is tangled discourage you from fetchin’ em from the depth of your bag … until you see him/her crossing the street towards you and… Oh God Oh Hey!

OK, I’m Exaggerating but You Get My Point ?

And then, there’s perfection: everything you ever wanted in earphones all rolled into one. Shoutout @Sudiosweden! A cute leather case where to put them, different earplugs sizes (because nothing is more annoying than plugs that keep falling from your ears), a cable clip to avoid that tangling mess (seriously, doesn’t it feel like a universal joke on you?), an integrated mic and remote with a nice studio sound system (you can even take your calls at the touch of a button)! And a very cool design (Swedish always do it better when it comes to technology). That my friends is my back-to-Work techy must! It’s a bit more expensive than the regular Apple earphones but seriously folks, worth every penny!

Check’em out here: Sudio Klang